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About me

I may not be able to talk about my photographs but they defenetly talk about me 

My love story with photography began very early when I was 12. Ever since then I have been photographing every single day of my life... It's an unstoppable impulse. 

I don't know the meaning of my photography. But I know that talks about me, because it has evolved with me.

After my daughter was born in 2017, my photographic eye has become more emotional and intense. These powerful emotions enhance a way of seeing. My photography comes from the heart, without filters, and in every moment there is something eternal.  

This is what people say about my photography:

"simple but depth, a simple representation of trust"

"Full of sense of calm and femenine"

"Always feels viewing a memory"

"your work always draws me in with details and makes me look for the story"

"your photography feels like time has stopped"

"the yearning, loneliness and cloudiness of love"

Ariadna Arnés

Barcelona 1976

1994-97 Studies Photography at EFFPC (Barcelona, UPC)

RIT Photojournalism internship (Rochester Institute of Technology, NY) 1998

Freelance photographer and videographer since 1999.

Photographer and Editor at Imagine Communication.
Social Media manager at @lageografica



"Deserta" autoedition 2017.

Dummy award selection 2018


Film Documentaries: (DOP)


Joan Fontcuberta. The Remains of Photography

Cuchibiri Cuhibiri, la rumba de Peret


L'origen de la rumba Catalana


Grants and exhibitions:


"Deserta" Photobook

Finalist 2015 DocField Dummy Photo Awards. 


VIEPA  Photo award 2021

OFNI Exhibition Galeria Valid Foto Barcelona, 2013-14

“Last Call”

Entre Ville et Paysage. Gallerie Detaille, Marseille 2012

Exhibition On Quan Qui? Galería Valid Foto, Barcelona, 2011

Selected Summershow Foto8, Host Gallery London, 2010


Exhibition Mitgeres 2019

Solo Exhibition “Estupendas” Casa Golferichs, Barcelona 2011

Estampa, Madrid 2010

Madrid Foto, 2010

Selected Descubrimientos Photoespaña 2010

Exhibition “Incómodos”, Galería Cero, Madrid 2010

Solo Exhibition "Estupendas” Sala Kursala, UCA (Universidad de Cádiz) 2009

Exhibition BAC 10, CCCB (Barcelona) 2009

Honorable Mention PX3, Prix de la Photographie de Paris. 2009

Exhibition “Crisis, what crisis?” Galería Hartmann, 2009 (Barcelona)

Grant Caixa de Terrassa, 2006

“Contigo Aprendí. Retratos de nuestros abuelos”

Proyecciones Al Marge. Palau Robert (Barcelona). Photographic Social Vision, 2005

TRAFFIC 06/07, Barcelona

“La Ciudad de los muchachos”

Selected work Galardón Iberoamericano de Fotoperiodismo de México, 2005

Selected work Premio Cultura y Espectáculos Fotoperiodismo de México, 2005


Selected Premio de Fotografía Humanitaria Luís Valtueña, 2002

Grant Clic 05 de fotoperiodismo joven

Festival Visa OFF 2005, Perpignan (Francia)


Always looking for new projects and opportunities, let's meet!

+34 637520106

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