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LIGHTNESS It was one of those typical summer days in Barcelona, ​​with the haze and pollution that blurs the city's skyline. Attending the diving competition in Montjuic was a dream that we had a long time ago with a friend. We went that day and I took photos, without any intention... when I got home and edited the photos I realized that there was something more there, it was precisely the imperfect moments that caught my attention. the error, the suspension, the weightlessness, even a touch of humor... I decided to go back a second day, to complete the series. This time with all the intention I was looking for these moments during the warm-ups. I knew that all the press photographers would already have the perfect photo of the jump with the Sagrada Familia behind. I was more interested in this sensation of falling suspended in the air. Far from looking for speed, I was looking for lightness the imperfection, the delicacy, that haze day helped to create this sensation of lightness as if the jumpers were floating on a blanket of dense air.

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